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Rev. George Harris

Depending on the time of year, the wedding calendar can get crowded. Book early to insure that you get the date and time you want.


If you want a healing in all of your life experiences, let us show you how. That is, healing in your life, world and in all of your affairs. That includes, but is not limited to: a healing in your pockets, in your body, and in all of your relationships. "Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment." John 7:2 4 (NRSV)

Now is the time to expand your knowledge, by experiencing new possibilities. What is your possiblity? What do you wish to change or to experience now? This is different for each person. If you are, "sick and tired of being sick and tired", it's time for a new beginning. The newness of your life, starts with you. Let us help in the process of your better tomorrows that will lead you to a better life, filled with joy from the inside out and thereby an abundance of all that is good.

Four Corners Weddings, wishes you a blessed and happy journey. If not with us, wherever you receive your spiritual message that makes you, "The best allowing God to do the rest".

In addition to wedding services, Four Corners Weddings officiant George Harris holds weekly services to support your spiritual journey:

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We are Spiritual Beings, One with God, One with All People, One with all Life, and One with the One! Let us celebrate Divine Life and the Divine Presence within all there is including each one of us!

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Our Wedding Ceremonies Are Wonderful and Custom Made!

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brings joy and health

Personal Empowerment

Our vision is to create an effective empowering ceremony that embraces your Holy Spirit and thereby demonstrates
the truth of your divine potential through the love of God. As we recognize Spirit as the essence of our being, we deepen our relationship with God by way of our individual and collective spiritual practice. When we are anchored by wisdom teachings and the grace of Great Spirit, we step into our own greatness, where all of life's goodness is available to us right here and right NOW.


Join us for deep loving Spiritual Celebration

Remember that the love of God is surrounding you and that It is God's "pleasure to give you the kingdom," here on earth. God's life is your life, and you are perfect, whole and complete in the sight of God. The Spirit that dwells in you is a spirit of hope, joy, peace, prosperity and wisdom. Your spirit is a Spirit of Love!

We look forward to supporting you in your life's ceremonies and helping you to count your blessings!



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