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Rev. George Harris

(My comments are in purple. This is my basic presentation to couples when I meet them for the first time. When I meet with you in person, we don't have to go over this again. Just tell me!)

• Trans-denominational (Civil or religious ceremony offered) -
This is your special day! You get to pick out exactly what is said during the ceremony using our Wedding Choices. Since I honor people, and respect where they are in their belief systems, I don't try to convert them to mine.

We can include as much spirituality as you would like or none at all. Again, you get to pick and choose. I do have some standard ceremonies that I perform on short notice.

However, I prefer that my couples pick out their own ceremony. More on that later.

• No premarital counseling required. (Optional)

• No premarital testing (Optional)

• No church membership - The bottom line is that I do not hassle my couples by trying to increase my church membership through getting them to join or convert.

There is good research and results backing the PREPARE/ENRICH system which I offer as an option. Keep in mind, this is an option which you can choose, if you wish. I do not require my couples to go through counseling in order to get married. It is your decision.

There is also no judgement on this end about past marriages, living together or having children before the ceremony. If you are legally able to obtain a wedding license in the state, I will perform your ceremony 99.9% of the time.

Of course, I always have the right not to officiate a ceremony if it is my determination that the couple is making an impaired decision. However this has not happened yet in the past 5 years.

I have married couples when other ministers have refused to do their ceremony. I believe that no testing, counseling, or forced membership equals less stress on my couples!

• We will perform your ceremony at the location of your choice. - Again, some ministers will not perform a ceremony outside their church. However I will go anywhere within reason to perform your ceremony, for instance outdoor locations or at your reception hall.

If your ceremony will have less than 50 people attending, we can do it at our Celebration Service location for a nominal fee. There are churches in the area that will allow you to have your ceremony there without church membership and also allow you to bring in your own minister / officiant. Just ask me and I can give you that list.

• I treat you like you are a member of my church! - Even though you are invited to attend our wonderful spiritual community, I do not force attendance or membership.

However, I do treat you like a member of my community in that you have all of my phone numbers to reach me at anytime for any reason. My brides tell me that they appreciate my promptness in the return of their calls. My pastoral care of couples is unequaled among the wedding ministers in this area.

• You get to choose the vows that you will say during your ceremony! (No surprises!) - What is nice about working with me is that you get to choose your ceremony from our Wedding Choices pages that I e-mail to you when we decide to work together. I can show you the actual pages if we decide to have a face to face meeting. If you go to the Ceremonies page, there is a sample format of a typical wedding service. Now if you don't like any of the choices, no problem. I have several books and other types of ceremonies that we can look at so that we can write the perfect ceremony for you. I have had couples write their own ceremony and that is ok too. I print out each ceremony with the bride and groom's names in the ceremony so I remember and pronounce them correctly. My experience shows up on your wedding day.

• You get to decide if I wear formal attire or a clergy robe! - If you go to the Ceremonies pages, depending on which picture our webmaster has put in this month, you might see a picture of me wearing the robe. Standard dress in this area for a male officiant is suit and tie, for a female is a nice dress. However, once again, you get to pick whether I wear formal wear or robes.

• Call about my fee structure: 505.326.5103

• I actually lead a church listed in a national directory. - I am about to tell you a "dirty little secret." Most of the wedding ministers in this area are "licensed" and "ordained" through the Universal Life Church www.themonastery.org for free with little or no formal ministerial or wedding ceremony training. Personally I have no problem with these ministers. Some of them are very good. However,I am a Spiritual Leader of a local center with regular weekly services and classes. I have also received training to do weddings through the Mangus Marriage Mastery program. Rev. Mangus has performed over 1000 wedding ceremonies. The Wedding Choices document I use with my couples was provided by Rev. Mangus and is updated annually. So you get the reliability of a working pastor plus the experience of someone who has been in the wedding business for years.

• State licensed to perform marriages. - This is very important if you want your marriage to be legal. I can also advise about how and where to obtain your marriage license. When I talk to you face to face, I can show you the document.

• I have the heart & mind of a Spiritual Leader with the training and understanding of performance! - If you have read down to this point, I have explained the pastor part. The performance part is important as well. Most of my couples want someone to perform their ceremony in a professional manner, which means on the job performance. It is always a tragedy if everything is in place but the performance does not stand up to the pressure of the occasion. We all want a lovely memory, perhaps even a video to remember this occasion with joy and delight!

• You can call me at anytime for counseling or advice! - I have been doing weddings and couples counseling for quite some time. So if you are having problems with a vendor (photographer, DJ, baker, reception hall) call me and I will usually have a couple of suggestions. I am also a very good listener for those very stressed brides who sometimes get overwhelmed with their weddings.

• Prepare/Enrich counseling and testing is optional but available. The test price & the counseling is both reasonable and hassle free - As a service to my couples, I offer a counseling program that focuses on strengthing your relationship at the same price I would charge my church members.

Again, I don't try to convert you or get you to become a member of my church. Also many of the church based programs are not very guy friendly. Grooms complain about having to spend hours talking about religion and their feelings.

My counseling is solution based and gives you practical tools for a long and happy marriage. Plus we don't hold sessions during major sporting events!

--Please call regarding prices.

• If at any time you want or need to come in for counseling during your marriage, the first hour is always free! - Even though I don't require the counseling, know that if the two of you ever get into trouble, you can always call me for help.

I tell all my couples the Lake Erie story: "Marriage is a lot like Lake Erie. Some days the lake is beautiful and calm, but there are other days when Lake Erie becomes Lake Scarry.

4-6 foot waves rise up, whitecaps and water spouts (tornadoes that form over water) can threaten our passage across the lake.

I share with my couples that love will not keep people together over the long term. What keeps you married is a commitment by both parties to stay married no matter what and to work out the differences. One cannot be indifferent to the feelings of another if one is to maintain a firm foundation for love forever.

This information has been shared by those couples married 50+ years with me as well as independent researchers.

Every couple must be aware of compassionate / non-violent communication.

If a wife, or husband uses abusive communication and does not self examine, this can lead to one or both of the parties being physically or emotionally abusive.

As in all parts of our lives, we must choose to be aware and to be conscious. We must choose positive evolution, otherwise we will soon find ourselves alone again.

An important thing to remember is to "count your blessings." Your life partner is one of your blessings. Perhaps one of the greatest blessings.

If you do not count your blessings and give thanks for the wonderful people in your life, do not be surprised if the universe responds "yes". It is said that God always responds with a resounding "yes" to all that you ask for. Thus it is wise to refrain from gossiping with friends about your partners' supposed faults, otherise you could once again be alone. Communicate with your partner, about your needs and then whatever "faults" you are perceiving will most likely disappear.

Gossiping to others or repeating negative thoughts in your mind about your partner can begin a vibration or mental pattern that becomes outpictured into your life, resulting in the disintegration of your relationship.

Most couples will weather the storms of life and come out on the other side better with a stronger relationship when caring non-violent communication is practiced in the relationship.

Call me before you call the lawyers, ok?

If we can't handle the issues during my free hour, then I will recommend 4-6 short term sessions in my office at a reasonable hourly rate.

If we cannot resolve your differences, then I can refer you to a different local marriage counselor/therapist.

• You will receive a copy of your vows in a nice binder as a keepsake of your special day! - I give you an actual copy of the vows created or chosen for the ceremony, in a binder as a keepsake of your special day at no additional charge.

• I will prayerfully perform your ceremony to successfully start off your new life together! - You have my word on it!


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